Gloopy Ocean Adventure

If you love animals and adventures, exploring colours and textures...and especially a messy play, this is the perfect opportunity to let your imagination fly!


A tray or washing bowl
Jug of water
Yellow & blue food colouring (or any colours of your choice)
Art tools 
Plastic animals

1. Sprinkle some cornflour in a bowl or directly onto your tray and add some water. Mix together to create a gloopy mixture.

2. Squeeze the yellow & blue colours into your gloopy mixture and see them turning green. Or have fun experimenting with different colours.

3. Add your animals and use your art tools to create ripples or any shapes and forms.

The Magic World Of Yoga

Get some super magic powers and turn yourself into animals, shapes or fun things to develop strong and flexible bodies, cultivate unique personalities and positive minds & to balance emotions...

1. BUTTERFLY: Sit down with your spine straight, bring your feet together and hold them with both hands. Turn your legs into butterfly wings and start flapping your "wings" moving your knees up and down towards the floor. Breath regularly and keep going for about 1 minute to get open and flexible hips.

2. TREE: Lift your right foot and place it against your left inner thigh or below your knee. Bring your hands together in a prayer pose and stretch towards the sky growing into a tall tree with strong roots growing from your left foot. Imagine your arms being tree branches and your fingers tree leaves. Breathe regularly through your nose and try to balance over 5 breaths. Repeat on the other side.

3. TRIANGLE: Open your feet wide apart to create a triangle shape and stretch your arms to the side. Take a deep breath and stretch over your right leg as you exhale. Inhale as you come back up then stretch towards your left leg as you exhale. Repeat 5 times while linking the movement with your breath.

4. COBRA/SNAKE: Lie down on your belly, bring your hands under your shoulders and keep your head down. Take a deep breath, press with your hands against the floor to lift up and open the chest - you can make a snake hissssssing sound here! Come back down as you exhale. Repeat 5 times, inhaling to go up and exhaling to go down.

Rocket Mouse

Five, four, three, two, one...blast off! We love building and sending this paper mouse-naut into the space...


1 plastic milk bottle (empty)
1/3 of a paper circle for the mouse's body (download here
A piece of sticky tape
2 small paper triangles for the mouse's ears
A small piece of gift ribbon / string for the mouse's tail

1. Punch a small hole by the bottom end of the paper for the mouse's tale. Bring both sides of paper together and secure with a sello tape. Stick on the ears, attach the tail and draw the mouse's eyes.

2. Position the rocket mouse on top of the empty milk bottle and send the mouse to space by squeezing the bottle from both sides with a big bang!

Newspaper Planting Pot

A simple way to get your little fingers green! Create this newspaper planting pot and start growing your magic beans or anything else you like...


An old newspaper page
Tin of beans (or similar)
Little spade / spoon
Bean (or any other seed)
Watering can

1. Fold both sides of the newspaper page towards the centre.

2. Wrap the tin of beans in the folded newspaper until covered completely.

3. Fold the excess newspaper towards the centre and press tightly.

4. Remove the tin of beans and turn the newspaper pot over. Fill 1/2 of the pot with some soil and plant your bean or seeds.

5. Cover the bean or seeds with some more soil and water it. Put a little tray under your pot to prevent leakage.